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Cover of Death in Amsterdam by Patricia Simpson. NEW! In this narrative nonfiction novel, Patricia Simpson switches focus from otherworldly events to grim reality. Though the novel chronicles the life and death of a young woman, the story will resonate deeply with those who who have suffered a loss or lost hope along the way.
Cover of Echoes of Love Anthology by Patricia Simpson. NEW! Anthology Cover of The Miller's Daughter by Patricia Simpson.
NEW! Novella Cover of Gabriel's Daughter by Patricia Simpson. Not to be missed!--Kathy S., Reader
Cover of Gargoyle Anthology by Patricia Simpson, Kay Keppler and Beth Barany. NEW! Anthology Cover of Imposter Bride by Patricia Simpson. NEW! Historical Romance! Cover of The Marriage Machine.
Cover of The Dark Lord. The Forbidden Tarot Series Cover of The Dark Horse. Cover of The Last Oracle.
Cover of Jade. Reviewer's Choice Award Nominee Cover of Just Before Midnight. Cover of Spellbound.
Nominated Best Indie Book by Romantic Times
Cover of Mystic Moon. Cover of Lord of Forever. Award Winner Cover of Lost Goddess.
Cover of Night Orchid. Cover of Lord of the Nile. Bestseller Cover of The Haunting of Brier Rose.
Cover of Raven in Amber. Award Winner Cover of The Legacy. Award Winner Cover of Whisper of Midnight. RITA Finalist

Books that are connected: (In order of reading)

Black Panther books
Purrfect Love - Lord of the Nile (introduces Lord Asheris)
Lost Goddess (Lord Asheris fights for his daughter's life)
Native American books
Mystic Moon (introduces Evaline Jaye)
Just Before Midnight (Evaline Jaye's story)
The Forbidden Tarot
The Dark Lord - (Rae Lamber's story)
The Dark Horse - (Claire Coulter's story)
The Last Oracle - (Amara's story)
The Londo Chronicles
The Marriage Machine
Gabriel's Daughter

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