Cover of the exciting new historical Imposter Bride by Patricia Simpson

Only a lie could save her...


Patricia Simpson will delight historical fiction fans with this tale of intrigue and passion!

For twenty long years, Ian Ramsay has done nothing but work toward a single goal: to get back Highclyffe, his family's estate in Scotland. Nothing will stand in his way. Not the wastrel Earl of Blethin who now owns Highclyffe or the cruel heiress he is about to marry for money.

When Ramsay discovers the heiress is actually a penniless imposter, he knows his long-held goal is finally within reach. All he has to do is make certain the imposter marries his mortal enemy.

But as snow falls upon London that winter of 1765, Ramsay's life takes a turn he could never have foreseen. He falls in love—with the one woman who could spoil everything.

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Imposter Bride

© Patricia Simpson