Cover of Whisper of Midnight.

“A hard to put down book of Indian lore and romance.”—Cindy K. reader

Mystic Moon

Carter Greyson is changing since his bone marrow transplant. Now he's got a face women can't resist. But is he losing his mind? Plagued by ear-shattering howls, he follows the shadow of the wolf...

...and runs into unflappable Dr. Arielle Scott.
By day, Arielle works at an inner city clinic. By night, she searches for her long-lost mentor, a Saquinnish Indian. She thinks he's a victim of foul play and is determined to find out what happened to him, especially when she comes across...

...Carter Greyson—the most caustic, brooding man she's ever met--and the spitting image of her old friend. Who is Carter--really? And what connection does he have to the Saquinnish Indians?

Arielle's questions lead her deep into danger and into the arms of a hot-blooded lone wolf.

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