The scintillating cover of Raven in Amber by Patricia Simpson.

“This was the best book I've read in ages.” —K.U., a Fan

Raven in Amber

From the moment Camille Avery steps off the bus on the edge of a Washington State Indian reservation, she knows she's made a mistake. Maybe taking a leave of absence to illustrate her friend Barbara's book isn't such a good idea. To make matters worse, Barbara is nowhere to be found.

But Barbara's disappearance isn't the only mystery. Who is the magnificent man who stands outside her door at night, surrounded by wolves? Can the necklace Camille wears be the same one that appears in a local legend? And most intriguing of all, why does her heart race at the sight of strikingly handsome Kitsap Makinna, a man who has learned from experience to disregard prophecies, the beliefs of his forefathers, but most of all...


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Raven In Amber

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